Can I be part of it?

Any student, professional or enthusiast can be part of our 6th edition of Shift APPens! As long as you are creative, motivated, and ready to have fun, Shift APPens is definitely YOUR hackathon!

How do I register?

We still can not answer this question, but we will soon.

What can I do?

Any application (mobile, web, desktop, game or other) that has come to your mind, but that you still haven’t had the chance to make it real, can fit the Shift APPens concept, and qualify to be one of the winning ideas to be awarded the awesome prizes we have. Our jury will take into account the originality, the technical difficulty involved, the final quality and the degree of utility for the target audience of the product that was developed during the event.

With who can I participate?

You can apply alone or with your friends! Teams need to have between 2 to 4 participants, but if your friends don’t want to be part of this incredible hackathon, you can register alone and find a team during the event! You just need to bring ideas and a lot of motivation! It’s up to you!

How much will it cost?

We still can not answer this question, but we will soon.

Where is it APPening?

We always heard to come back to a place that makes us happy. For that reason, and because there’s no better place to stay in the city of students, the 6th edition will be in Pavilhão Dr. Mário Mexia.

How is it going to be?

We won’t tell you everything, but be prepared because anything can APPen! You will probably be shot several times by a ninja nerf gun or even find our Tiger around the venue. We promise to give you all the conditions to be able to code for more than 48 hours! In the following hours, there is a period of intense work, concentration, caffeine and a lot of fun, where all the team’s efforts come together to give life to the idea chosen by them.

What about sleeping and showering?

If you decide to be a REAL Shifter, you may spend the 48 hours at our venue. We will have a sleeping area ready for you, and you only need to bring a sleeping bag (you can also bring a mattress and a pillow!). You will also be able to take a shower at our changing rooms!

And what about food?

We will ensure you don’t starve and give you all major meals. You can count on breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, as well as several coffee breaks throughout the day.